Sales and Use Tax Consulting Services

Nexus: Meridian can assist in the analysis of operations to determine which states nexus has been established according to state and local specific laws and regulations. Meridian can then determine whether or not your company is registered and compliant in all taxing jurisdictions that it should be.

Voluntary Disclosure: In states where business may have been conducted without registration and remittance of the sales tax due, the Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) offers an opportunity for a company to come current, agreeing to a limited look back period, while eliminating penalty and bringing your organization back into compliance. Meridian can help negotiate and establish a VDA with all applicable jurisdictions.

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"Meridian was a great help to us regarding the US VAT process. We are a foreign seller starting our business on Amazon USA soon. I would recommend Meridian."

Taxability Matrices: Meridian provides matrix analysis to determine your company’s position and responsibility. We will analyze your operations to determine the taxability of various products and service offerings sold in each state and locality according to state specific laws and regulations. All areas will be mapped out in a matrix to improve your processes and procedures. Meridian can then assist in determining whether or not your firm is compliant in all relevant taxing jurisdictions that it should be if desired.

Research: Most companies are unique in one way or another and unfortunately the tax laws and regulations don’t always provide clear direction. If you find yourself in a position seeking clarity in how the tax laws may affect your company, but don’t have the professional staff or resources to do the work, then Meridian is available to perform the research for you. Meridian can also help you obtain anonymous rulings from a State Department of Taxation if your fact pattern is highly unconventional.

Exemption Certificates: Your Company is required by law to hold and maintain valid certificates for all non-taxable sales and purchases. Meridian’s experience and expertise can assist your firm in ensuring the proper certificates are on file. Meridian can also create imaged certificates for ease of audit and recording.

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